Permaculture Landscape Architecture



We provide different range of services that focus on creating healthy and balanced environment for both humans and nature. Consultation fee and details on scope of work will be provided upon request.

Productive landscape

Nature has abundance to offer especially food as a source of energy. Productive landscape focuses on creating landscape that produces food in terms of plant crops and livestock.

Our practice refers to principles of permaculture where humans, plants and animals live cohesively in a space. Contact us if you want to be healthily self-sustain by co-living with edibles and livestock in an energy efficient designed space.


Healing Garden

Nature contains the magick of healing in many ways. Being in nature often stimulates our senses and rejuvenate us energetically.

Let us know your intention of wanting a healing garden, we will tailor accordingly to provide the garden to support your intention. We will incorporate a mixture of flowering plants, scented plants, medicinal herbs and other natural elements in the design.

Management & maintenance

Nature has her own capability of keeping herself in balance, pests and dis-eases are parts of  nature, discover our role to support the growth by practicing natural way of co-living with the garden or farm rather than trying to conquer it.

We observe and design programs to manage and maintain the garden using natural methods. Programs are tailored to enhance soil fertility and building plants’ resistance towards pests and dis-eases. Healthy soil grows healthy plants that possess stronger resistance towards pests and dis-eases.

Soil remediation

The natural food chain started from growing healthy soil. Healthy soil produces healthy crops and livestocks that nourish us.

We work on barren land, supporting the land through the recovery process. Bringing the soil back to life for healthy natural food production.

Services inclusive of soil analysis and programs to work on the soil for a minimum of three (3) months up to two (2) years practicing natural (non-chemical) methods.