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2011 – 2014

Mid Valley City
Horticulturist l Landscape Architect

2014 – 2016

Seksan Design
Landscape Architect


Eats Shoots and Roots
Landscape Architect l Permaculturist


Waldorf Kelip-kelip School


Children of Soil
Founder l Permaculture Landscape Architect

About Khim Joe

Khim Joe started her journey working with plants in the year 2007 when she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in the field of Landscape Architecture. She attended her first Permaculture Design Course in 2010 and the experience changes her view on life since then.

Graduating from university, she started her career as horticulturist in a local developer maintaining and managing indoor and outdoor landscape. After 3 years of exploring in landscape operation and management fields, she decided to further expand her vision in landscape consultancy field.

After 2 years of working in consultancy firm, struggling between the choices of fulfilling the needs of society in commercial landscape and her own sense of fulfillment, she decided to quit from working in commercial landscape consultancy firm and joined a social enterprise promoting urban farming movement. There she started to gain clarity in what she wants to focus on.

As a profession, she is a Permaculture Landscape Architect. It seems to her that many of issues that exist today is a result of the lost connection with Nature. She felt it very strongly that the existence of nature spirits, plants and the elemental beings are here to support the growth of humanity. In 2017, she founded Children of Soil for this purpose.

Her works involve working with the plants and elementals kingdom to uplift a given space, thus invoking the self-healing ability within the given space. She also focus on using plants as food medicine to promote individuals’ well being physically and spiritually. Working with Nature helps to attuned our self back to our Nature self.

Apart from providing consultation and education in relates to sustainable farming practices, she is also assisting in managing Kebun-kebun Bangsar located right in the middle of Bangsar city centre. 

One of the quotes that she resonates the most
“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings – Masanobu Fukuoka”

Working experiences

2011 – 2014
Horticulturist/ Landscape Architect l Mid Valley City Sdn Bhd, Malaysia 
Operation, maintenance and management of landscape works, Design development, construction and management of landscape upgrading works

2014 – 2016
Landscape Architect l Seksan Design, Malaysia
Design development, tender and contract documentation process, construction of landscape projects

Landscape Architect l Permaculturist l Eats Shoots and Roots, Malaysia
Design development, construction, maintenance and management of edible garden projects Coordination of workshops educating urbanites in relates to urban farming

Teacher l Waldorf Kelip-kelip School, Malaysia
Teaching follows the principles of Waldorf educational system

Founder/ Permaculture Landscape Architect | Children of Soil
Mainly focus on providing consultation and education in relates to building sustainable productive foodscape

Affiliations / Related experiences

Permaculturist l Permaculture Design Course, Batu Arang Rawang, Malaysia

Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia

WWOOFer l Eco-community, Sri Lanka

Corporate member l Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia

Internship l Deep Ecology and Natural Building, Gaia Ashram, Thailand